Visiting the Erie County Fair with Kids

Visiting the Erie County Fair with Kids
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Visiting the Erie County Fair or any fair or festival usually takes some prep work if you want to enjoy it with your kids in tow! There is a lot to see and do at the Erie County Fair.  To help you have a great day, we’ve compiled a list of tips for visiting the Erie County Fair with kids.

Tips for Visiting the Erie County Fair With Kids

  • Go Early – Since the fair is in August, we usually have good weather.  So if you’re planning on visiting the Erie County Fair, aim to arrive early.  It’s not as crowded and it’s usually not as hot!
  • Bring a Spray Bottle or Cooling Fan – A spray bottle filled with cool water can really help cool you down on really hot fair days.
  • Visit the Animals – Most kids love animals and there are plenty to visit at the fair.  The animal shelters are sort of off to the side so if you don’t see them right away be sure to ask someone how to get there.  The animals are a must-see when visiting the Erie County Fair with kids!
  • Save the Indoor Stuff for Last – If you do go on a hot day, save the indoor exhibits for last when it’s hotter.  Most of the indoor exhibits are air conditioned.  That said, keep in mind, everyone will probably have this idea so the indoor spaces may be crowded.
  • Plan Ahead – There is a lot to see and do when visiting the Erie County Fair.  If you visit their site, you can see their schedule of events.  Planning ahead will ensure you get to see and do specific things AND stick to a budget (if you’re on one!).

Money Saving Tips for Visiting the Erie County Fair with Kids

Visiting fairs and amusement parks can get REALLY expensive when you have kids.  Luckily our community is full of budget ninjas that came up with this awesome list of ideas to help you enjoy the fair without breaking the bank!

  • Pack a Cooler – You can pack a cooler with food and drinks.  If you want to enjoy fair foods, you can at least have drinks and/or snacks handy to keep everyone hydrated and happy in between meals.
  • Look for Discount Days – There are several days, including preview day, Firefighters day and Veterans day where you can visit the fair at discounted rates. Also, tickets are cheaper if you buy them in advance online (and remember, kids under 12 are FREE!) Here’s a list of Special Offers for 2022.
  • Buck-a-Roos – Buying food and drinks can quickly become a budget buster if you’re not careful.  Several of our community members suggested visiting Buck-a-Roos.  Buck-a-Roos is a food stand that sells hot dogs, hamburgers and other kid-friendly food items for a reduced price.  Just be prepared, as the line can be long!
  • Skip the Rides – Many community members shared that they skip the rides.  This is honestly something that never occurred to me but it makes perfect sense.  There are a lot of things to see and do besides the rides so you could very easily get away with avoiding the rides to save money.
  • Save your Cup – There are several places that you can buy reusable cups and bring them back for discounted refills.
  • Look for Free Entertainment – There is a lot of free entertainment sprinkled throughout the fair.  Also, if your kids are up to it, check out the Butterfly tent! It is only $2.00 for admission and fun for kids and adults alike!

Before heading out to the fair, check out their website to see what’s going on!
Click here to visit their site now.