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Tag: indoor activities

Free Beginner Karate Training (Ages 3 – 12)

This is a karate class designed for kids ages 3-12. Children will learn "easy to follow" moves at home in this interactive class. This...

Music with Chaia (Ages 1-10)

Chaia introduces young children to music, rhythm, and musical notation in a lively way. Children will sing, dance, and smile along with Chaia May...

Music, Singing & Video Camp (Ages 6-12)

This Music, Singing & Video Production Camp is fondly referred to as The Rock Band Land (RBL) Donkey Camp Show. Campers will form a...

Introducing The Little Gym of Williamsville

Offering programs that develop the happy, confident kid you know and love! For every stage of your child’s development, from four months to 12 years...