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COVID NOTE as of 9/1/20 – Many events are still taking place virtually.  When you post an event to the calendar, please be sure to indicate using the categories provided whether your event is virtual or in-person.   The calendar has a feature that allows users to sort events and this will help them find your event based what they are looking for.

We’d love to add your event to our community calendar FREE of charge!

If you’re hosting events for kids in Buffalo or WNY, Fun 4 Kids is the place to post about it!  Our  calendar has become a resource to the community.  Each week, thousands of WNYers visit our event calendar to find things to do with kids in Buffalo or around WNY.  If you want to get your business in front of these families, you’ve come to the right place.  You must register to use our calendar.  Instructions are noted further down the page.

Please Note

Registration is a two step process.  Here are step by step instructions to get you started!

  1. Complete the form below.
  2. Check your email (and spam folder).  You should receive an email saying your information was received.
  3. In that email will be a link to your next step. It says “click here to create your username and password.”
  4. You’ll arrive at this page: https://www.fun4kidsinbuffalo.com/events/community/add
  5. Click “Register”.
  6. You’ll be directed to a WordPress branded page where you’ll need to create a username and input the email you’d like to use with the site.
  7. Click “Register”.
  8. Check the email you used for the site and look for an email confirming your subscription.  It will contain a link you’ll need to click and you’ll be asked to reset your password.  Pick something you’ll remember!
  9. Once you’re done with those steps you’ll be able to start adding events!

If you don’t complete all the steps listed above you’ll likely receive an error message when you try to login.

Event Posting Requirements and Tips

Once you’ve registered and input your event information.


  • For the title of your event, please include your location.  Using our friends at Rolly Pollies as an example, if they were posting about their upcoming Ninja Night, their event title would be “Ninja Night at Rolly Pollies.” This will help readers as they are skimming the event listings and our email newsletter.
  • Please don’t use all CAPS for your event titles or any part of your listing.
  • Check to see if your venue is already listed in the system by starting to type the name.  If it comes up, just select the one that is already in the system to avoid duplicate listings.


  • Provide as much detail as you can so attendees know what to expect when they arrive.
  • Select a category as it can help users find your event.  The system is a little tricky when it comes to categories as they currently don’t provide a list.  You have to start typing and options will pop up.  (We’re working to correct this.) A list of event categories is below.
  • Include a cost if applicable.  If your event is free, put a “0” in the cost section so the calendar notes it as a free event.

Please note:  Your event will not automatically appear on the calendar.  After submission, events are reviewed by the site administrator for approval.  Once it is approved, it will be published to the site.  This process may take up to 5 business days.

This calendar is only for events geared toward children and families.  We welcome free, low cost and events with admission costs.  If your event doesn’t meet these criteria, it will be declined.

The calendar is not intended to list ongoing child care opportunities like summer camps.  We have a break camps post for that type of information and other ways we can help promote your camp.  Please contact us with questions.

Have you already used our calendar?

First Time Users – START HERE

Posting Policies and Tips

Please enter your event title in title case, not all caps.

If you are posting information about a class or activity that is reoccurring, please be sure you are entering the information properly so that it only shows up on the calendar on the days you’d like it to.

If you’re posting about a class or workshop that has a registration deadline and the community can not attend after that deadline, please ONLY post the first day of class.

Camps or daycares – Please do not submit vacation camps, summer camps or daycare information to our calendar.  We have a business directory as well as other dedicated places to list camp information.  Contact me for details.

We reserve the right to decline your event submission.  While we are open to posting events hosted by specific faiths or groups with specific causes and beliefs, the event must be open and welcoming to the general public in order for us to post it.  If we feel your event may upset, offend or cause a controversy for the site, we reserve the right to decline posting it.

If you have an trouble publishing your event, or have questions in general, please contact the site administrator at jennifer@fun4kidsinbuffalo.com for assistance.

If you’d like to ensure your invite gets noticed by our community, please visit the Work With Us page and request information on the advertising opportunities available with Fun 4 Kids!