Spring Events That Will Bring People to Your Business

Easter egg hunts and other spring events to help you leverage the spring season in your business
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The spring season is almost here!  With WNY winters being so long and cold, people are just looking for fun things to do with their families.  So, why not capitalize on the spring season this year and use it to bring people to your business?

Having owned and operated Fun 4 Kids in Buffalo for several years now, I can tell you what type of spring events seem to get the most interest.  Here’s a list of the top 5 events to consider adding to your calendar this spring if you want to capitalize on the spring season.

A Visit with the Easter Bunny

Families love to take their kids to see the Easter Bunny.  Consider having the Bunny make an appearance at your business this spring and tie it to an event.  Don’t hesitate to charge admission.  Many families would rather play a few dollars for a paid event that allows them to avoid a crowd.  If you charge admission, consider offering complimentary photos with the Bunny.  Or, don’t charge for admission but charge for photos.  Either way, bringing the Easter Bunny to your business will definitely bring guests in!

Host an event with the easter bunny this spring

Host an Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg Hunts hosted by the towns and churches always get A LOT of interest.  So much so, that they are usually pretty crowded.  If you have the space to host an Easter Egg Hunt, consider adding one to your calendar this spring.

St. Patrick’s Day Themed Event

It’s no secret that Buffalo LOVES St. Patrick’s Day.  But, if you ever take a look at the events available, there is a lot of St. Patrick’s Day events geared toward adults and barely any for kids.  Host a kid-focused St. Patrick’s Day if you want to give families a reason to come to your business this spring.

Host a st. patrick's day themed event

Kids Night Out

It can be really difficult to find a reliable babysitter these days. If you don’t have a sitter, or don’t have family that can help, getting out for a night can be really tough. A great way to help families with this problem is to host a Kids Night Out where parents can drop their kids for a few hours, grab dinner, run errands, or whatever and come back for them.

Host a Teen Night

There is a lot of stuff to do in WNY for younger kids.  But, when kids get past the age of 10 in WNY, options start to dwindle.  If you have a facility, even if it’s geared toward younger kids, consider figuring out a way to utilize your space in a way that would allow you to host a teen night.  Many locals towns host teen nights but again, they get crowded and they often offer the same activities each time they host an event. Themed teen nights would be a great way to bring more families in to your space this spring.

Want to brainstorm spring event ideas?  Join the WNY Kid Biz Collective and connect with other local business owners to see what they are doing or if there are ways to collaborate.  Then, when you’re ready to promote your spring event, be sure to add it to the Fun 4 Kids calendar.