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Monday, September 21, 2020
Kids place at the JCC Buffalo

Finding the right preschool, summer break camp or daycare in Buffalo can be overwhelming!  There are a lot of options to consider. There are also some hidden jems best found through referrals.  Across Facebook there are countless groups where families post looking for recommendations on preschools, daycares and camps.  We’ve kept an eye on those posts and brought all the information to one place, Fun4KidsInBuffalo.com!

When you’re looking for a preschool, break camp or child care in general, it is important to find a place that is a good fit for your child and for your family.  That said, please do some research on these facilities before you entrust your children with them.  Definitely take a tour if the facility offers one and ask a lot of questions!  We have not vetted anyone on this list and can not be responsible if you have a bad experience with a provider.

Summer Break Camp and Vacation Camps in WNY

Here’s our extensive list of summer break camps and vacation break camps in WNY. 

Struggling to find the right camp?  Here’s a list of the best camps in Buffalo by age and interest.

What other care coverage are you looking for?

After School Care

Alternative Childcare

Traditional Daycares

Need a preschool in WNY?

Preschools with programs for 2 year olds

Preschools with programs for 3 year olds

Preschools with programs for 4 year olds

Preschools with Kindergarten readiness programs

Do you run or own a daycare, preschool, camp or child care business in WNY?