Help your child become their Personal Best in Buffalo NY

Kids in the Spotlight at Personal Best in Buffalo NY
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Personal Best in Buffalo, NY is a model and talent school with a strong belief that no matter how successful you become in life, there is NO excuse for not having high standards of behavior and respect –for yourself and others. Those characteristics simply stand the test of time.

For example, the “Kids In The Spotlight” program, a 6-week program starting January 30th for kiddos 6 – 9  years old, not only introduces them to the world of modeling, acting and performing, but also teaches life skills like building confidence, sharpening social skills and encouraging individuality.

How does she make “manners” fun? By not telling kiddos they’re learning them (lol!) and by making them part of the class. For example, part of the Kids In The Spotlight” class is learning how to properly introduce yourself during a mock audition. That means enunciating. Speaking clearly so you can be understood and pausing between your first name and your last name.

Personal Best Workshop

Students will also learn:

  1. Eye Contact: Plain and simple. It’s about looking people in the eye when they’re speaking to you.
  2. Polite Interruption: Don’t interrupt people when they’re talking – unless you say “excuse me” or “I’m sorry to interrupt…”
Kids in the Spotlight
  1. The Magic Words: Say “please” when you’re asking or want something. And say “thank you” when someone does something for you.
  2. R-E-S-P-E-C-T: There is never a situation where talking back in public is OK. It’s not nice to do it at home either, so it’s important to get to the roots of that behavior.

These are simple things that make such an incredible impact when young people display.

At Personal Best, kids learn about the entertainment industry, but, moreover, they’re gaining social skills that will help them handle anything the world throws at them.

To learn more about the “Kids In the Spotlight” program or to register, visit the Personal Best website.