35 Old School Movies for Families

old school movies for families
Princess Party Characters

There are a lot of great old school movies for families that you can watch with your kids that everyone will enjoy!  I asked the Fun 4 Kids community to share their favorites and then I added some of mine.  So, if you’re running out of new releases for family movie night, here’s a list of old school movies to watch.

When available, I included a link to each movie’s listing on a site called IMDb.  If you aren’t familiar with the movie IMDb will give you info on it AND my favorite part, scroll through the info and look for the section called “Parent’s Guide.”   The Parent’s Guide section will tell you if there’s any content in the movie you may want to be conscious of or avoid all together.

Did I miss a movie you and your family love?  Let me know.  If you’re looking for others, IMDb has their own list of old school movies for families. You can see it here.