Ideas to Leverage Mother’s Day in Your Kid Biz

Leveraging Mother's Day in Your Kid Biz
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When you own or run a kid-focused business, you have an opportunity to leverage Mother’s Day to bring people in to your business.  Mother’s Day gifts come in all shapes and sizes and some Moms would really enjoy having something to do with their families on or around Mother’s Day that they don’t have to plan.  So, here’s a few ways you can leverage Mother’s Day in your kid biz!

Host a Drop Off Event

Yes, most Moms want to actually spend Mother’s Day with their kids and family, BUT how great would it be to hand mom a certificate for 2 hours of free time, courtesy of your business’s drop off event?

Every Mom I know would be raving about a gift like that!

Here’s how it could look:

  • Schedule a drop off event the weekend after Mother’s Day.
  • Promote the event as Mom’s Night Off With Babysitting!
  • Dads or family buy the kid’s admission to the event.
  • Mom gets a certificate saying “You’ve earned a night off!  Drop the kids at [Insert Your Business Name Here] at 6 p.m. on Friday, May 14th and enjoy 2 hours to yourself.”
Drop off event

Offer a Freebie

Give families a reason to come to your business on Mother’s Day.  I’ve seen ice cream places give away free cones for Mom on Mother’s Day.  If your business requires admission, offer free or half priced admission for Mom.  If you own a restaurant, Mom eats free or gets a free dessert.  When you give Mom a freebie, you bring the whole paying family with her!

Make Gift Giving Easy

If you have a product based business, consider offering something that will make Mother’s Day gift giving easy.  It could be a kit that Mom and the kids can do together or something the kids make in advance and give to her on Mother’s Day.  Either way, offering ways to make gift giving easy is the perfect way to generate more business this Mother’s Day in your Kid Biz.

Host a Mother’s Day Event

The option to do this may not exist depending on your business, but if you have a space that allows for events or classes, hosting a Mother’s Day themed event is a great way to leverage Mother’s Day in your Kid Biz.  Structure your event in a way that gives families something to do on Mother’s Day but also allows Mom to relax and enjoy!

Kidding Around Yoga has a Mom and Me yoga class planned.  Here’s how they set up their event. 

Mom and Me Yoga

If you’re offering a Mother’s Day event at your business, please add it to the Fun 4 Kids Calendar and we’ll help you promote it by sharing it in our bi-weekly emails. Click here to add an event.