Holiday Gifts for Fun at Home

Holiday gifts for fun at home
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Every holiday season, Fun 4 Kids releases a holiday gift guide that provides, non-toy gift ideas featuring local experiences as gifts.

With COVID still looming and many kid friendly attractions still on pause, we’re switching gears this year to highlight holiday gift ideas for fun at home!

I’ve compiled a list of things my own kids have loved and used over and over again throughout the years.  Kind of like the Fun 4 Kids edition of Oprah’s Favorite Things!  If an item is pictured gender specific, please click through to the listing as many of them give you the option to select a color.

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Happy shopping!

Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

These are toys my kids loved to play with at home or I’ve given as gifts that seem to get a lot of use!

You could also set up an inflatable baby pool, fill it with balls and put a slide in it as an alternative to the tunnel.

I bought this for one of my nephews.  He used it a lot and has now passed it on to his little brother!

Gifts for Ages 2 - 4

I had one of these in my basement when my kids were younger.  It’s small enough to fit in the house, but big enough for them to burn some energy.  Plus, you can use it outside in the summer.

My kids have these at their school.  Apparently, they are a popular toy and kids fight over them.  They always wanted me to buy them for home.

We had this table for years.  It was favorite that entertained for a while!

Gifts for Ages 5 - 7

Our Favorite Arts and Craft Supplies

Gifts for Ages 8 - 12

Slime Making Supplies

As I said, these are some of my family’s favorite things that you can use for holiday gifts to have fun at home!  I hope this list gives you ideas to help with your shopping.  And, even though we don’t for sure when things will be able to re-open, I encourage you to view our gift guide from year’s past.  The small businesses and local attractions listed in there may also be offering holiday gift ideas and it’s a super important time to shop small!

Happy Holidays!