Erie County Fair Tips, Tricks & Helpful Hints!


Don’t miss a favorite – Erie County Fair in Hamburg at The Fairgrounds!  August 10-21, 2016!

fair tips

Be sure to check out the pre-sale ticket options  (through August 9th) as well as their Special Days for reduced priced ticket options!

Visit the Fair Website for specific details of exhibits and events!

Facebook readers provided these helpful tips/advice when attending the fair:

1.  Even though there is a line we always get our main food from the dollar stand, it is always located near where the animals do their ribbon shows.  It’s kid friendly food, even pb&j. and every item is a dollar.

2.   Make sure you purchase an all day ride pass for your kids. Otherwise you will pay a ridiculous amount to go on just a few rides.

3.  Last year they added a canned food drive. On channel 2 day, it is FREE admission with a canned good. $2 parking. And a $5 discount for the all day ride pass = $20 with a canned good. Check the site to verify!  (for 2016?)

4.  The butterfly tent is really cool. We don’t do rides- just shows and buildings. We spend a lot of time with the animals. There are demonstrations at different times too. You will get a schedule at the gate so you can plan your day. We like watching the horse shows too.

5.  There is a great train exhibit over near the barns. My sons really enjoy it and its totally free.

6.  Wear sneakers, not sandals.

7.   There will be all sorts of cool and interesting things to see. The historical building rocks, the woodcarving is amazing, the grange is wonderful, and the arts and crafts exhibits are wonderful too. As well as the animals.

We like to eat that the native village because the food is decent and nicely priced. We do, however, bring our own snacks and just buy as treats. 
They rent electric wheelchairs if you have someone who can’t deal with the walking.

There are a few brick and mortar rest rooms, so you can avoid portapotties, and lots of water fountains. Check the website for the schedule for the day you are going. And go EARLY to the acrobats— they are always crowded, and great.

8.   I pack some PB&Js from home, lots of water, string cheese, cut up fruit, etc., and that saves us TONS of money! This way we can eat lunch/dinner from home out of a cooler, have drinks all day from home, but treat ourselves to snacks like candy apples or $1.00.  Icee type drinks located at the top of the hill near the 4H building. We always try to catch the parade a few times so my kids can catch some of the necklaces they throw and we love all of the free shows! Don’t miss out on the petting zoo, even though you’ll need a good hand washing afterwards!

9.   Buy discount tickets before the fair starts or wait til channel 2 day for $2 admission, don’t miss the ag-sperience, nothing like seeing a baby cow and its momma, catch the parade I think its at 5pm now, goes thru the center of the fair, bring your own snacks and water bottles for the kids and a spare bag to carry all the stuff you can collect there, bring hand sanitizer, take your time to look in all the buildings its lots of fun, if its hot go to the ag building-it’s air conditioned, try at least one strange food like deep fried oreos, park in front of the fair by the ag building off south park, its just easier, especially if you have small kids.

10.  We get a fair cup to refill (we usually go 2-3 times so it’s worth it for the refills). DON’T go through the candy castle- we got suckered once and it’s WAY too expensive!  Get there early (better parking) and make a day of it. Make sure to walk the buildings and take in the sites! Catch a couple free shows and make sure to get a funnel cake and corn dog!

11.  Racing pigs are a lot of fun, sea lion show is cute, backyard circus is fun for small kids, but over maybe 4 or 5, don’t bother, John Cassidy (the ballon guy) is hysterical and a lot of fun, so is Nels Ross (in jest) show! All of the seating for the shows fills up fast, so get there early!

12.  Another great way to save money is to get there early! If you arrive before 10am on a weekday, you get half off admission, so its just $5 per person for admission and 12 and under are FREE

++For 2016:  Wristbands are now $30 ($40 on the weekends) BUT if you buy the voucher at TOPS before August 11 you can get them for $25.

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