Disney on Ice Presents Frozen in Buffalo

    Disney on Ice

    Just about every kid loves Disney’s Frozen and now you can see the entire story come to life…on ice!  That’s right, Feld Entertainment is proud to present the Academy Award® -winning and number one animated feature film of all time, Disney’s Frozen, to Buffalo!  The show will run from Thursday, Jan. 25, to Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018, for seven performances at the KeyBank Center.

    About Disney on Ice, Frozen

    Each performance features world-class skaters that will take you on a journey through Arendelle!  Hosted by Minnie and Mickey Mouse, audiences will follow the famous royal sisters, Anna and Elsa, as they embark on an epic journey.  Just like in the movie, Anna wants to find her sister, Elsa, who is determined to remain secluded as she finally feels free to test the limits of her powers.  Along the way Anna meets the rugged mountain man Kristoff, his loyal reindeer Sven, the lovable and hilarious snowman Olaf and the mystical trolls!  All of these characters help Anna along the way in this story about love conquering fear.

    The show also features your musical favorites like “Let It Go”, Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” and “Fixer Upper” and you’ll enjoy guest appearances by other beloved Disney princesses and favorite characters from Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story and Finding Nemo and Disney’s The Lion King.  The team comes together to prove that true love is the greatest power of all!

    To create a completely immersive experience for the audience, the set design encompasses the space from the ice surface up through the air, drawing everyone into the story and closer to the characters. You and your family will feel like you are trekking up to the North Mountains with Anna, Kristoff and Sven, and you will tangibly experience the storm inside Elsa. Elsa’s magic will be enhanced by state-of-the art special effects while her emotions will be conveyed through powerful skating!  It’s definitely a must-see show!

    Want tickets?

    We’ve got a 4 pack of tickets to the show’s opening night on January 25, 2018 at 7 p.m.!  To enter to win, comment on this post and tell me who your favorite “Frozen” character is and the lesson you’d like your children to learn from the story of “Frozen.”  If you’re comfortable, leave an email or phone number we can reach you at if you’ve won.  If not, we’ll contact you by commenting on this blog post.

    Contest closes Thursday, January 11, 2018 at midnight.  A winner will be be picked at random on Friday, January 12, 2018 and notified by email or phone.  The winner has 48 hours from the time of notification to claim their tickets or a second winner will be selected.*


    Performance Dates/Times

    If you’d like to purchase tickets, they are on sale now!  The show takes place at the KeyBank Center, 1 Seymour H Knox III Plaza, Buffalo, NY 14203

    Date and Time of Performance:

    Jan. 25 at 7 p.m.; Jan. 26 at 7 p.m.; Jan. 27 at 11 a.m., 3 p.m., 7 p.m.; Jan. 28 at 12 p.m., 4 p.m.

    Tickets start at:                                   $15

    To order tickets by phone:                 (716) 855-4444 or 888-223-6000

    To order tickets online:                      www.disneyonice.com/ticket-info/Frozen/111068


    *  There is no purchase necessary to enter this sweepstakes. The tickets we are giving away are only valid for the performance on January 25, 2018 at the KeyBank Center at 7 p.m.  There are no exchanges and there is no cash value associated with this offer.  The contest runs from January 5, 2018 until January 12, 2018. One winner will be chosen at random but you must be at least 18 years old to enter.  Tickets will be held at will call and the winner is responsible for picking up their tickets and presenting photo ID to claim them.  The odds of winning depend on how many entries we have.  Fun 4 Kids is not responsible for entries that don’t post to the page, technical difficulties or any issues submitting your entry. Void where prohibited by law.  The tickets for this giveaway were generously provided to Fun 4 Kids by Feld Entertainment.


    1. My favorite character is Kristoff because he’s willing to go through Great lengths to help Anna find her sister! He is so real and down to earth and those are the most important lesson that I want to teach my daughter to be real and down to earth! And do always help others!!

    2. Love Anna! I’d really love my kids to
      Be reminded that their love
      For one another as siblings is powerful and no matter what they go through or how angry they can get at one another love and forgiveness are so beautiful
      And powerful.

    3. My 4 year old daughter loves Frozen. Elsa is her favorite because she has powers which makes her different. Elsa has shown my daughter that we are all special in our own way. But we all love each other the same way.

    4. My twins’ favorite is Anna. She is so sweet and adorable, loyal, and with a pure heart. My twin girls take care of each other just like Anna and Elsa and it’s truly magical to see!

    5. We love Olaf!!! He is so funny and so cute! I hope my daughters (I have 3) learn to always be there for each other and their family and that it’s ok to be different. My oldest daughter made ornaments for her younger sister saying “sisters are worth melting for”. It’s their favorite movie!


    6. My favorite character is Olaf…..he’s too cute! My children are older, but I have my “grandson” living with us who is autistic and 3.5 years old and the lesson I want him to learn to NEVER GIVE UP in life!

    7. My daughter’s favorite character is Elsa. I want my children to learn from the story is to love everyone around them, no matter how anyone has treated them!

    8. Favorite character is Olaf, mainly because my youngest loves him so much. The lesson I like for them to get out of the movie, is to not give up on those you love, bad things happen, but if you stay strong and stick with family things turn out well in the end.

    9. My favorite is Kristoff and my favorite part with him is when he’s singing the “Reindeer are better than people” song. It’s adorable when he sings Sven’s part. I guess it teaches you that you can love your pets like family and it’s normal.

    10. We love Anna mainly for her unwavering love and commitment to her sister Elsa. The whole town turned against Elsa but Anna knew that deep down Elsa was good and stopped at nothing to prove it.

    11. My favorite is Olaf! I have a son with cerebral palsy so I want him to know how to never give up on your dreams.

    12. Our families favorite character is Olaf. This movie goes above and beyond teaching so many great lessons. The one I hope my children pick up on the most is not to feel the need to hide who you truly are but to show and be proud of what makes you different. Frozen shows them that the people who matter will love you even though your different. The things that make us each different, make us special and should be celebrated not shamed or hidden.

    13. I love Sven! I hope my daughters take away that they don’t need a boy to rescue them. They are strong and capable and can accomplish anything! As long as they stick by each other and always have one another’s back there will be no stopping them.

    14. I would love to bring my girls we are currently homeless and staying with family but they never sad about anything always have a good outlook on life we always said that the trolls where just like us hard on the outside and soft on the inside we love frozen no matter they still hold their mom up when they see e cry sorry about my sob story so we love the trolls good luck to all?

    15. My favorite character hands down is Olaf. HE is kind and caring yet funny and gets into mischief so kids can relate to him. What I’d like my children to learn from frozen is that Family is everything. Lean on them and let them lean on you. Love them unconditionally and you will always have the support and love you need.

    16. Our five year old daughter loves Elsa also are two year old son loves Olaf it’s so cute when both my son and daughter play pretend together they each have the costumes of the characters to where my two year-old is Olaf and he does a good job pretending to be him and our daughter is Elsa she always sing to little Olaf as they play Let It Go the love they have for one another is unconditional my two little ones would be so excited if they were able to go see Elsa and Olaf on ice

    17. My five year old daughter’s favorite character is Elsa she has everything of Elsa’s from slippers pajamas to make up kits to costumes she even knows word for word on the Let It Go song she would go crazy if we were to win tickets for her

    18. My daughter’s favorite character is Elsa. She loves the songs she sings and how she learns to embrace her powers, control them and use them to benefit others.

    19. My favorite is Olaf because I wanna teach my almost 4 yr old that no matter what life brings you always have a smile and think everything will be ok.. he solves problems with a smile and works through his struggles.. we live in a crazy world and need to live by Olaf’s way keep smiling!!!!!! ?

    20. My favorite character is Olaf! I love how Anna’s one true love ended up being her sister so the lesson I want my kids to take away from Frozen is the love of siblings can endure all.

    21. My favorite is sven. The lesson I want my child to learn is to always say what you feel and think, opinions never hurt anyone. Just be true to themselves and look at the bigger picture of always helping others.


    22. My families favorite character is Olaf. My 18 month and 10 year old daughter just think he is the cutest & funniest little snowman. The lesson I hope my children take away from Frozen is that family always comes first. Both Anna & Elsa make sacrifices for each other through out the movie showing the power of love for one’s family.

    23. Our favorite character in Frozen is Olaf! He is just so adorable! I want my girls to always remember that they are sisters and best friends! No matter the situation always LOVE each other. Olaf is such a good reminder to always Love everyone and show kindness to everyone you meet!

    24. I love Anna! The best lesson in the disney movie was that even when you feel life is perfect, that can change at any moment, and that is okay. You learn to adapt, work with what you have, and in the end everything will be okay! Unlike other Disney movies Anna’s “true love” or so she thought didn’t turn out to be that at all. She didn’t let that stop her. She picked up the pieces and moved on and she is a stronger girl because of it.

    25. My daughter loves Olaf for his sense of humor. But the lesson she says she learned was to not trust strangers and just because someone looks good on the surface, doesn’t mean they’re genuine.

    26. Our favorite is a toss up between Elsa and Anna. I think what we love the most is the way their relationship is portrayed much like many of our own with our families. It doesn’t matter what happens in our lives we always know that family is forever and our love for them is unconditional ❤

    27. My favorite character is Elsa my daughter’s is Anna. The lesson I would like my daughter to learn is to always be proud of who you are even though you maybe different because everyone is unique.

    28. Anna is our favorite. her enduring love for her sister is never ending , Family is whats important.

    29. My grand daughter is 2 years old .she watches frozen all the time . she really loves elsa. and she would love to see it on ice

    30. Our favorite character is Olaf. I would love for my daughter to learn to always look for the positive in every situation the way Olaf does.

    31. We ❤️ Both sisters. As a mom to 2 girls, I love that this story is about the love of 2 sisters and how they save one another. It is not the traditional Disney boy saves the girl story. It shows my girls that they can be strong and smart girls and save the day ?

    32. Olaf is the family favorite. His innocence and outgoing personality is irresistible. Plus who doesn’t love warm hugs. ?

    33. Christoff is my favorite character because he is a gentlemen and teaches my kiddos that you need to treat people with respect. I’d love to take them to this… They’d love it!

    34. Our favorite character is Anna. She loves her sister unconditionally and doesn’t need to be rescued by a man.

    35. My favorite character is Olaf. The lesson I’d like my kids to learn from Frozen is that family is comes first. It’s so important to take care of each other no matter what they going through. Thank for the chance to win. (716)435-7103

    36. We love all the characters, but Anna is our favorite. We love her sense of humor and how much love she has for her sister. Would love to be able to take my kids to this show!

    37. We love Wanderin Oaken! He has our favorite line in the movie. We say it to each other to make them laugh. My hope for my children is to support each other always. Through the good time and bad lean on each other.

    38. I have 3 children under the age of 10 and they love Olaf. He is silly and always has fun and sees the good in everything.

    39. I would really like my Grand Daughter to see this. She has all the Frozen books, toys and movie alongwith the music! This is osmething she would always remember.The lesson of Family is great..

    40. I would love for my son to learn that not all heros are male characters they can be female as well like Anna and Elsa.

    41. As a Grand Mother I would love my daughter to see this. She has read the books and has blankets, clothing and toys all pertaining to Frozen.We have also talked with her abut loving yourself, being kind to others and what family means. This would be something she could always remember.

    42. Olaf is a favorite in our house. Teaching the act of kindness and being a friendly, nice and caring person to everyone goes a long way in every facet of life.

    43. Our Favorite Is Olaf…ALWAYS…My Granddaughter Would Love This…And Grandma & Grandpa & Uncle WOULD TOO…..GOOD LUCK TO ALL……LOVE OLAF

    44. Anna never gives up and that is what I want my Grand Daughter to do. also I want her to Love herself and that it is ok to be different! In todays world it very hard for all children to learn these lessons. She has never seen an Ice Show and this would be perfect for her!

    45. Our favorite is Anna! She puts her family first, she’s brave, smart and kind! All wonderful qualities to teach my girls!

    46. We love Olaf in our family. I would like my kids to see that family comes first and that we can always count on each other.

    47. We love all the characters in Frozen.
      But, I’d have to say Elsa is a favorite.
      I want my children to learn to face their fears, that it’s ok to be different, and to love unconditionally. I thought the Frozen portrays these qualities nicely. We’d love to go to Disney’s Frozen on ice, Disney On Ice has been a family tradition for over a decade!!

    48. My favorite is Elsa. She shows my daughters that being different is okay and at first it scary but then it gets better. And they always have each other in the end of the day. And don’t be afraid of swing who you are.

    49. Anna is our favorite character!! She shows that if you really are persistent and want to do something, then you can achieve it! I think she sets a great example for our 3 kids!

    50. My favorite frozen character is Elsa because she learns that because even though she has powers to hurt she also has the power to love. I like that my children can learn that even through we may be different than others it doesn’t make us bad and deserve to be loved and are loved.

    51. My favorite are Olaf and Sven and the lesson I hope my children will learn is that love will heal everything! If you have love, you have everything you need.

    52. I asked my 4 yr old daughter who her favorite frozen character was and she answered Elsa and Anna -why- because they are girls.

      Go girl power.

    53. The TROLLS!!! Awww we loved them, they were full of laughs be a familial unity. My son says that’s just like our family. Best moment ever! ?

    54. Hi! Our families favorite character is Anna! She shows my children that you can be quirky, fun and imperfect. All while being honest, loyal and loving. She doesn’t give up. She is a strong young lady! These are all characteristics that our children can benefit from, we all can….thank you!

    55. Hi, My favorite character is Anna. I liked her fiesty never give up spirit. The lesson I want my son to learn is to never give up on family. Family is all you really have. Friends can come and go and are not always what they seem as the movie showed us. Anna never gave up on her sister and believed in her sister to the very end even if it meant making the ultimate sacrifice. Anna loved her sister and love is very powerful. We need to love our family and each other. Family is always first.

    56. We love Olaf in our family! I want my children to learn to have JOY everyday and never to loose their childlike wonder.

    57. My favorite character from frozen is Olaf. I want my kids to know that although there are many stresses in our lives, it’s okay to make the best out of these hard situations and know that we have one another for love and support.

    58. Our favorite is Olaf! He always makes everyone laugh even if they have had a bad day. My kids have learned that even when something bad happens good can come from it.

    59. Elsa and Olaf is our favorite. My kids are older boys ages 14 and 11 and they loved watching this movie when it first came out. It really showed them That family is everything and you should always try to help each other out no matter what differences they have between them! ❤️❤️

    60. I want my kids to learn from Anna. She went out to find her sister to help her and the people of arendale. She problem solved along the way, made friends who could help her and at the end, selflessly gave her life to save her sister. Anna’s character exhibits genuine love and kindness, which I hope I am instilling in my own kids.

    61. Anna is our favorite character! My daughter loves this movie and the bond that the sisters share that nobody can break. It reminds me of Aubrey’s bond with her sister. She’s the big sister and always there for her little sister or anyone who needs it, no questions asked!

    62. Our favorite character is Anna.. especially for my daughter as she has no sister I really wanted her to learn what sisterly love is all about! And I come from a family of 3 Sisters and I can relate to it.. the movie is beautifully done and this feeling of sisterly love is very well expressed!!

    63. Our favourite character is Olaf! He teaches us the importance of positive thinking, friendship, and loyalty, as well as having a kind heart!

    64. Anna is my fave because she loves he sister and fights through obstacles to find her and help he be who she is. I hope my kids will always fight for each other . Loving your family should always be number 1

    65. Else is my daughters favorite. She likes the true meaning of her magical powers. Also she likes the love she shows everyone in the end! ?⛄️❄️

    66. My kids favorite character is marshmallow! They were initially scared of him, but they love how he turned out to be nice;)

    67. Our favorite character is marshmallow (the ice monster). He seems scary and mean, but when he puts on the crown at the end, you see that he’s just misunderstood. I hope my kids will learn to always look for the good in everyone. Those who are unkind are usually just hurting.

    68. Anna is amazing. She never gives up and she doesn’t lose faith. She fights for her sister and loves her unconditionally.

    69. Our favorite character is Anna. She loves her sister so much and can look past a few flaws & keeps on fighting for the family she loves!

    70. Our favorite character is Olaf! My 18 month daughter just laughs and laughs at him! She also calls her play carrot stick a nose!! I love that Frozen teaches her she doesn’t need to rush into a relationship with a man and I love the sister/family love the movie conveys.

    71. I love Sven and Olaf but my daughter loves Anna and Elsa. I want my daughter to learn the importance of family.

    72. Frozen! My favorite character is Sven! He’s an underrated funny. I would love to take my daughters (I have 3). The lesson i’d like them to take away from the movie is that you don’t need a guy as your Prince Charming. Your sisters will always be your true loves ❤️


    73. My daughter loves Elisa & Anna for there fun, laughter & loving of each other as sisters. She a only child & would love to have sister’s like them. Helping each other out in trouble & out of love.

    74. We love Olaf and his sense of humor! Ignorance is bliss for Olaf! I hope my girls can learn the lesson that each person has unique differences and those differences are what make each one of us special. We should not have to hide what makes us special and unique but celebrate them. It’s what makes life exciting!

    75. My favorite character is Christoff. I love everything about his character he is a true man. There’s two lessons I want my daughter to learn from this movie. 1 being never trust a man before you take the time to get to know him and 2 true love isn’t always between a man and a woman, in frozens case it is between two sisters.

    76. We love Olaf and his humor. I would live my girls to learn that there is no greater love than a sisters love. I have 3 girls who sometimes don’t get along…lol

    77. My daughters favorite is elsa. I would like her to learn that even though she may be different everyone still loves her and her family will never give up on her

    78. Kristoff is my favorite character. I want my daughters to know that as sisters they will always be there for each other even if one of them feels out of place in the world. They can always rely on each other to love them for who they are as well as the rest of their family.

    79. Anna is our favorite. Being pregnant with our 2nd girl, I can’t wait to see the love and closeness they have like Anna and elsa

    80. We love Anna. I like that my kids learn the lesson of sisterly/sibling love and the importance of that relationship.

    81. Anna is my daughter’s favorite frozen character because she’s not afraid to fight for what she believes in. Anna is a strong and courageous character who i hope my daughter emulates as she grows up.

    82. Our (my daughter and mine) favorite character is Anna. She is sweet, innocent, and carefree. The lesson learned from Frozen is that the love of and for family can conquer all. Anna never gave up on her sister, despite all odds. And that’s what family is supposed to do, support you, love you, and push you to big things.

    83. Olaf is my favorite. He is always positive and trying to help the sisters (his family). I want my kids to learn that even though there are bad time we all go through, with family and friends you can get through anything and still have a positive outlook on life.

    84. My granddaughter sings Let it Go all day long, she loves Frozen. Everytime i ask what do you want to watch she says Frozen in her little voice. I would love to bring her to see Elsa and Anna live.

    85. We love Olaf. I hope my son learns that even though someone might be different than us we should not treat them any differently. We all have our own special gifts that make us all unique. My son would love this to be his first time seeing Disney on ice.

    86. Anna is our favorite! She’s brave, loving and not afraid to take risks for the ones she loves! ❤️

    87. Anna is my favorite character because she never gives up on Elsa… I would like my 6 year old granddaughter to learn to Never Give Up…

    88. Olaf is my and my daughter’s favorite character. I love Olaf’s upbeat and always positive attitude. Especially in the current society we live in today I think Olaf’s “the glass is always half full attitude” is wonderful for children to see and hopefully display. This positive attitude is a great message for children!


    89. Anna, she shows unconditional love and that I would love my grand babies to have taken from the movie.

      Madelyin Consiglio

    90. Olaf is our favorite. We love frozen we saw it in theaters with my daughter when she was only 4 and she loved it. We came out of it thankful a prince didnt save the day but her own sister. Moral of the story family has your back no matter what.

    91. Olaf! He brings a light, funny and carefree element to the movie. I would love to teach my children that even when there can be so much turmoil going on you can still be positive and happy and I would hope they can live a life that’s carefree like Olaf. Olaf also had a way of bringing the sisters together ❤️

    92. Our favorite Frozen character is Anna. She would not accept the loss of her sister and would fight to save her at all costs. Anna’s strength and loyalty are important character traits that provide a great example of courage for young girls.

    93. Favorite character is Olaf because he lightens up the intense parts of the story. The lesson I liked kids to learn is that your family will always be your first and truest friends!

    94. My favorite character is Anna…I love the way she loves with all of her heart & that’s the only way she knows how. “To love deeply is to hurt deeply”, and she is proof of that. She risks, and in the end, it’s al worth it!

    95. Our family’s favorite Is Anna. My daughter also loves dressing up as Anna everything Anna !! The lesson I hope my son and daughter get from the movie is that to never give up on family away help each other out threw anything Family is always first. ❤️ ( phone number 289-4273) thank you go bills – ashley.

    96. Our favorite character is Elsa that she fought though her personal issue and realized that the sister bond couldn’t be broken.

    97. Olaf is our favorite!!! My kids love the silly things he does and says. I hope that they pick up on the importance of family from the movie. I always want them to remember that they have each other to depend and rely on.

    98. My favorite is sven. The lesson I want my child to learn is ti always say what you feel and think, opinions never hurt anyone. Just be true to themselves and look at the bigger picture of always helping others.

    99. My favorite character is Anna because she is tough, funny, and kind. The lesson I want my kids to learn is that it is okay to be different-that we need to keep an open mind and celebrate our differences not try to hide from or shun those who have different abilities (including ourselves!).

    100. My Daughters would love to go!!! They love Frozen and it would be such a special night out with them!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

    101. I love Anna. Being from a family of all girls, the lesson I want my 2 daughters to learn is that the bond you have with your sibling is everlasting.

    102. I love Olaf!! He is so free spirited and looks at life from a different angle-like my four year old son. What I want my boy to learn from frozen is to never give up on family. It won’t always be easy, bumps in the road will come up but family is so important.

    103. If I had to pick a favorite character it would be Anna! Since my daughter was 18 months (now 4), she has always loved Anna. Anna never gave up on her sister no matter what. We teach our children to never give up, especially on family, no matter what!

    104. I guess I like Olaf the most. I’d like my son to take away that relationships are difficult sometimes, but that you don’t have to be alone.

    105. I love Anna! I would want my daughter to learn how to take on challenges head on and not give up and make the most out of what you’ve been handed

    106. Our favorite character has to be Olaf! He’s so cute and quirky ! The lesson I want my kids to learn from Frozen is to accept everyone’s differences even their own and embrace them! Xoxo

    107. My favorite character is Olaf. Funniest character in animated movie ever! My daughters favorite charter is Elsa. I want my 3 girls to learn from frozen that the bond of sisterhood is the most important thing and to be there for each other no matter what! ❤

    108. My daughter is 5 and Frozen was her first Disney movie that she bonded with and made her own. She has been singing along and feeling all of the feelings from the movie since she was 2. She has different reasons for loving each character but I know we are partial to Olaf. She says that even though Olaf is cold because he’s made of snow, he’s the warmest because of his big heart. I’m pretty sure she would be awestruck to see them all up close!

    109. Our favorite character is Anna. She’s funny, transparent and wears hey heart in her sleeve. I’d like my children the learn that true love is unconditional.

    110. Our favorite character is Anna. I want my three children to learn the lesson, that no matter what your family will be there for you, especially your sister and brother. To always be there for each other no matter what! ?

    111. I share my daughter’s favorite character, Elsa. I want my kids to learn from Frozen that family is important and that important relationships must be nurtured, protected and, if necessary, fought for. Also to never give up on your dreams!

    112. My favourite character is Olaf because he so strange. The lesson I would like my kids to come away with from this performance is that you have to stick together and always remember the good times of being together.

    113. My youngest daughter’s favorite character is Olaf. The lesson I think all 3 of my children can learn from Disney’s Frozen is: Love can thaw a frozen heart. Have a little love, show a little love, give a lot of love, and all the ice and cold will melt away. (Actually in Santa Clause 3, that’s exactly what the little girl, Lucy, did to Jack Frost. She hugged him, which they called a Magic Hug, and that hug thawed out Jack Frost’s heart.) Heartwarming; 2 Disney movies using the same message. Love is all we need.

    114. Our favorite Frozen Character are the trolls . They are family oriented and that’s what I would like for my kids. Family is FOREVER, and it’s ok to be SILLY!!

    115. My 4 year old daughter would love to see this show! We love Olaf and how he embraces his quirkiness! Olaf also is a great example that it is ok to look different than others and to not judge people by their appearance.

    116. My favorite character is kristoff. I love that he just goes along with Anna and then realizes he fell in love. I would love my kids to learn that love happens at just the right time

    117. My favorite character is Anna- I love her sense of humor and kind heart!

      I have two girls so I love the strength of the sisterly bond between Anna and Elsa as an example for them!

    118. Our favorite character is Olaf. I want my kids to learn to be there for their family members, and that family comes first.

    119. Our favorite is Olaf!! He is so funny and makes us all laugh!!! I have some kiddos that would LOVE to see this!!

    120. My daughter loves Ana and is now naming all her babies Ana. This would make her day to be able to go!

    121. Our favorite character is Sven, because he’s goofy, just like my little one. I’d like my guy to learn that it takes teamwork to solve problems; you can’t just do it on your own.

    122. My daughters email love a different character. My eldest Loves Elsa because of her ice magic and my youngest loves Anna because their personalities are very similar. I love the message that sisters can do anything together with love to guide them. I think that’s the best message for my girls as they grow up together.

    123. I like Kristoff because he is a little different and I like my son to know that it’s ok to be unique.

    124. Anna is my favorite character and the best lesson of the movie is family comes first and the love for your sister is soo important so be there for each other through thick and thin!

    125. Sven is my favorite! I would like my daughters to see that sisters can be BEST FRIENDS too and always be there for each other! ??

    126. My favorite character is Anna. She’s so optimistic, funny and she can laugh at herself.
      I want my kids to learn the lesson of sibling bonds. Forgiving, loving and supporting each other always.

    127. My 3rd grader has been dying to go! We love Olaf. He loves summer even though he is a snowman. We can all learn to be happy and love others!!

    128. Olaf is our favorite because he teaches us the lesson that some people are worth melting for. He knew that helping to end winter would be the end of him and he still did it anyways. Surround yourself with people worth melting for and make sure you would do the same for them.

    129. I love Olaf because he is so nice and cute. I have 2 girls so I would hope that they learn to always love each other like Ana and Elsa do.

    130. We love Olaf! The lesson I would want them to learn is that the love of a family is like no other and that sometimes all you need is a warm hug!

    131. My favorite character is Anna! I love how she’s not afraid to be who she is! I would want children to learn that being true to yourself is always the way to go 😉

    132. My favorite character is Olaf. I would like for my kids to take away that loves always win. Kindness and love triumphs evil.

    133. Anna is my favorite because she is forever optimistic & hopeful. I love this story for my two girls because I want them to always have each other’s backs.

    134. Anna!
      I’d like my daughter to learn that family comes first! Her sister’s love is what kept her alive, not just a boy!

    135. Olaf is my favorite character from “Frozen”. I tell my daughters daily that family always comes first. The characters in Frozen demonstrate that. Danielle Ruckdaschel

    136. Elsa is my favorite character. I hope my daughter learns that girls are strong and to not worry about being perfect just herself.

    137. Favorite character is Elsa. I want my kids to be comfortable being who they are even if they are different.

    138. My Favorite character from the movie Frozen is Anna. The lesson I would like my children to take from this movie is to never give up on your family.

    139. Anna is definately our favorite frozen character just because she is determined and fun and carefree! I want my daughter to learn that you can do anything you set your mind to and that family is such an important part of your life…family defines true love! (my phone number is 716-480-1367)

    140. Anna is definately our favorite frozen character just because she is determined and fun and carefree! I want my daughter to learn that you can do anything you set your mind to and that family is such an important part of your life…family defines true love! (my phone number is 816-480-1367)

    141. We love olaf. He is always happy and eager to help. Even when things got scary he always tried. I want my kids to try and stay positive in tough situations. Everything will work itself out sometimes your attitude will help it become a learning situation instead of a negative memory.

    142. Our favorite character is Olaf. I would like my girls to learn to put others before the themselves fit wstching Anna and Elsa and kristoff

    143. I like olaf since he is silly a d goofy. I like the message of loving your sister and standing by her always.

    144. Olaf!

      When we watched the movie, I explained to my kids that family is most important. Even though Anna and Elsa haven’t always been close, they have always loved each other deeply. We have a lot of family far away and it helps reassuring them that even though you might not be seeing that person, the love is still there! Love wins.

    145. My favorite character is Olaf and I would like my children to learn how important family is and that bond is unbreakable.

    146. My favorite character is Olaf. I just think that he is adorable and hilarious ! His one liners are awesome. Having two young girls the lesson that I would love for them to take away from Frozen would just be no one, including a boy/man can ruin the bond of sisters!

    147. My favorite character was Elsa. The lesson I learned was blood is thicker than water. Choose family first. I loved how the movie didn’t have typical Disney ending where the Prince saves the day. This movie was about the sisters sticking together.

    148. My favorite character is Olaf, because he represents a beautiful memory in the sisters lives from when they were little and also because he’s a cheerful and happy and blissfully ignorant snowman 🙂 The lesson I want my girls to learn is that family always stick together and always believe in one another, just like Ana does with Elsa 🙂 I know my girls would be overjoyed if they got to go and see Frozen Disney one Ice! Thank you and Happy New Year!

    149. My favorite character is Anna because she sees the good in people. I think it’s food to learn to give people second changes and maybe situations aren’t always as they first appear.

    150. Anna is our favorite character! The lesson I want my children to learn is that family is everything!! No matter what happens our family will always be there for one another and that is what true love is!!

    151. My favorite character is Olaf because my kids thinks he is hilarious and love him. I hope my kids learn the importance of family and always sticking by each other’s side from watching the movie.

    152. Our family would like to win tix. Our fav, though so hard to just pick one, would be olaf! He just brings humor and laughs to things even when they seem dim.

    153. Olaf is my favorite! The lesson I love from frozen is to not judge others and to not hold a grudge.

    154. So basically of course Elsa is my favorite character for life lessons for my kiddos. I have 7 year old twin girls and I would want them to be able to be themselves and not change for anyone. Elsa after being kept away is finally able to be herself and after she does that she learns that others will love her the way she is. I also love the fact she doesn’t need a king to rule her own kingdom 😉 (Olaf is also the best! We all love warm hugs!)

    155. Sven is my Favorite ! I Love the actual plot to the movie! Learning that family is important and no bond is stronger then a siblings love, “An act of true love will thaw a frozen heart”

    156. The character that we love is olaf and it teaches us how to be good with other without judging them. We also like Elsa because like my daughter said she is independent and magical and wants to be herself. Also Ana because she never gave up on her sister. She was there all the time whenever Elsa needed her! ??

    157. My two young daughters love Frozen! We love Ana! She’s so feisty and puts family first. What a great example of sisterly love.

    158. My favorite character is Olaf. He helps keep the humor and kindness within the story. I would hope my daughter and niece would learn that family is a bond that is never forgotten and that you do what’s right by those who love you and those you love.

    159. Me and my daughter Luna love all of the characters. Each learn their own lesson about family, friends, loving one another, and loving ourselves.

      The lesson i wouod like my daughter to learn from frozen is to always love yourself and its ok to be different. People may not understand you but once they get to know you then they see your true self.

      Nicole and Luna Capone
      716 717 7085

    160. Sven!
      Trying to do everything on your own isn’t always the answer, sometimes we need to rely on our family to help us through tough situations.

    161. Anna is my favorite character from frozen. I want my children (2) girls to learn that they can always count on each other.

    162. Olaf is my favorite character. The lesson I’d like to pass on to my two children is to never give up on each other, and always support one another. 🙂

    163. My favorite is Olaf. No matter what he sees the bright side and happiness to every situation. I try and teach my kids that no matter what, everything isn’t as bad as it may seem. Just smile and breathe through it.


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