After School Programs in Buffalo, NY

After School Programs in Buffalo, NY
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After School Programs in Buffalo, NY

There are many options for after school programs throughout WNY.  Here is a list of some of the larger programs that have locations throughout WNY.

If these are not in your area and you’re having trouble finding something, check with daycare facilities in your neighborhood and/or contact your school.  Many schools offer on-site after school programs.  If they don’t, they may be able to provide recommendations on nearby programs.

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo


Just for Kids


Youth & Recreation Departments run by your city or town often have after school programs as well.

If traditional care doesn’t work for your family, there are also many in-home child care providers that offer before and after school care.  These programs tend to be a little more flexible and sometimes less expensive.  Unfortunately they are harder to find too but you might be able to find some ideas by asking around at school and

Need a list of daycare facilities that might offer after school programs in Buffalo, NY?  Start here. 

It’s back to school time and it’s time to start considering after school programs in Buffalo, NY, if you haven’t already!  We want to help you sort through all the after school programs and find the one that is the best fit for your family.

Things to Consider Before Picking an After School Program

Does the after school program work with your school district? 

You’ll most likely need to find a way for your child to get to the after school program you select.  Many work with the school district to provide transportation if the program is off site.  Before selecting a program, make sure transportation is going to work out.

Will the program work with your work schedule?

Most after school programs have set end times.  Be sure you have enough time to get from work to the program location.  Arriving late can often result in additional fees.  With that said, be sure to ask what, if any, fees are associated with late pickups…just in case!

What is the staff to student ratio? 

Make sure that there is a sufficient staff to student ratio. You may also want to ask if the staff is required to have a background in education (if that is important to you).

Here’s a link to information from the NYS Office of Children and Family Services, Division of Child Care Services, on staff to student ratios. 

Who is responsible for medical care?

It is also good to know who is responsible for dealing with medical emergencies during the after school program.  Even if the program is being held at school, your school’s nurse may not be required to stay.  That said, it’s good to ask who is charge of this and how they’ve been trained.

What will your child be doing while they are in after school care?

Some after school programs in Buffalo have activities planned, while others will help with homework or allow for more unstructured free time. Consider what your child will be doing and if it is something they’ll benefit from.  Also, if getting homework done is important to you, be sure to ask if they have someone available that can help with homework if needed.

Do they provide snacks? 

If your kids are anything like mine, they want a snack when they get home.  A great question to ask potential after school programs is whether or not they provide snack or if you need to send one.

BONUS – If school is closed or canceled do you offer as-needed childcare?  There are some after school programs that will come in handy if school is closed or canceled but work is not!  Many daycare facilities or larger child care programs that offer after school care will allow families to use them on an as-needed basis for vacations, school closings and summer camp.  Be sure to ask the after school program you’re considering if this is a possibility so you know your options.