10 Teacher Gift Ideas

10 Teacher Gift Ideas

As a parent, coming up with teacher gift ideas can be tough!  Whether it’s back-to-school, Christmas, Teacher Appreciation Day or the end of the school year, it’s easy to run out of ideas especially if you have a few kids.  Plus, costs can add up quickly!  So, we asked our  Facebook page followers what they give as teacher gifts, then we asked the teachers that are a part of our online community, what they like getting.

1.  Gift cards – Gift cards were the #1 item mentioned by teachers as an item they like to receive.  A lot of times teachers will spend their own money to buy supplies for the classroom, so gift cards come in handy!  Think places like Target, Amazon, even the Dollar Store.  Here’s a link to a really cute printable for Target gift cards.

2.  Personal gift certificates – Consider gift certificates for personal services like manicures, pedicures, etc.

3.  Treats – Many parents suggested chocolates, cookies and other consumables the teacher could enjoy over break.

4.  Plants – Everything from potted plants to hanging baskets was mentioned.
5.  Wine – Some schools might frown upon children bringing in wine (breakable glass bottles, underage kids with booze on their property, ya know a bunch of stuff could happen here) so if you know your child’s teacher enjoys wine, maybe consider a gift card to the local liquor store.

6.  Jewelry –  A surprising number of parents said they give jewelry!  Everything from bracelets to earnings was mentioned.  I would definitely suggest only getting jewelry for teachers you know well enough to know their personal style.

7.  Coffee and/or tea – You could give bags/boxes of these items or gift cards.

8.  Classroom items – Again many teachers end up buying things for their classroom throughout the year so if you’re looking for a teacher gift idea you know they’ll use, consider some sort of classroom supplies.  Here’s a cute way to gift dry erase markers!

9.  Notes – A lot of teachers said they get a lot of trinket type gifts throughout the year and really appreciate a simple hand written thank you note.

10.  Lotto cards – A lotto card with a nice handwritten note is a great, inexpensive way to say thanks!  Here’s a fun way to package up some lotto cards!

Teacher Gift Giving Tips

From reading posts from parents and teachers, I came up with some tips to help you when “teacher gifts” are on your shopping list.

Don’t try to get something too personal – Unless you know the teacher well, picking out items that have fragrances or clothing, or anything like that might be really tough.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate – Teachers enjoy just getting a hand written note from a child.  Don’t feel pressured to come up with an elaborate, Pinterest worthy gift.

Collaborate with other parents if you can – Some teachers mentioned they get a lot of little items.  While that can be nice, getting 20 little items 4 times a year can really add up to a lot of clutter depending on what they’re getting.  Keep that in mind as you are picking gifts and if you can, and want to, try to collaborate with other parents to get one larger item.

They really like gift cards – A lot of people don’t like to buy gift cards because they feel like it’s taking the easy way out or that the person might feel like they didn’t put much thought in to a gift.  The truth is, teachers LIKE and NEED gift cards so if you can’t think of anything else, or just want to get something you know they will use, always go the gift card route.

For more ideas, visit our Pinterest board for Teacher Gifts.